Monday, March 15, 2010

Almost casual

I've been running like hell lately and when I know my day is going to be crazier then a marathon, my uniform is always made of flat boots and a blazer. I love the simple fact that putting on a blazer over about just anything will suddenly make people look more put together. How about you? What do you like to wear if you know you'll be running all day but still want to look good?

Ces derniers temps, je cours comme une débile et lorsque je sais que la journée qui commence s'annonce complètement folle, mon uniforme est toujours composé de bottes plates et d'un veston. J'adore le simple fait qu'un veston porté par-dessus presque n'importe quoi va soudainement rendre un look plus "habillé". Et vous? Qu'est-ce que vous aimez porter quand vous savez que vous allez courir toute la journée mais vous voulez tout de même rester bien mises?

Blazer & Boots | Zara
T-shirt | H&M
Jeans | Gap
Necklace & Ring | Forever 21


  1. Lovely look!
    these chains are so cool
    blazer is good for every situation ;)
    hah, for the all busy day I usually wear some leggins, long tunic/tee, flat boots and light sweater,like today ;) hah, I'll be practice drive car after work, little scary! :D

  2. cool outfit! I love you're jeans

  3. this is perfect for running around. my choice is ALWAYS a flat boot, leggings and some sort of fun print scarf b/c i don't put much thought into the top...

  4. Cool Jeans!have u cutted em?

  5. Thanks everyone!!
    @ Koral: The jeans were initialy ripped at the knees but I exaregated the holes :)

  6. love thi outfit!

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  7. my flat boots always make me your blazer!!!

  8. why is there not a zara near me? love those boots. when i am busy busy i'm a huge fan of the flats+skinny jeans+belted sweater. boring? yes. but its not sweatpants and a matching tracksuit... not that theres anything wrong with that.

  9. Great blog post (and blog!)

    Will definitely keep reading. :)


  10. I think that blazers and leather jacket are life savers...they always add that perfect touch! I really do love the simplicity of this outfit, it is very chic.


  11. Oh my! Classic and edgy! Love the ripped jeans, adore the boots, cute chains! You have such chic style!

    -Wicked Plum Vintage

  12. Hi!! I love your boots, I live in Montreal as well, I was wondering if you bought those boots at Zara recently? Thank you!!

  13. Hi! I bought those boots in the middle of December at the Zara downtown Montreal. I'm not sure if they still have them but you should take a look!